About Us.


Falafel Corner started off as an ambitious dream: serve the highest quality Halal meats and falafels, make it to order for every customer, and – most importantly – do it all at a reasonable price. The owner, Sajad Shakoor, never relented in his desire to provide this service and never took the easy way out. That methodical and disciplined approach, centered on providing the best service to our customers, has paid off with multiple Falafel Corner locations providing the finest quality Halal meats and tastiest falafels anywhere. All the meats are hand-slaughtered and certified by Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA), meeting their most stringent criteria. At Falafel Corner, we go to great lengths to bring premium, corn-fed Harris Ranch beef to our valued customers. Our innovative renditions of classic American burgers as well as Mediterranean standards have been welcomed and appreciated by everyone for years. We encourage you to give us a try at a location near you and see and taste the difference for yourself. Enjoy your dining experience and come back again.

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